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Color Custom Prints

Custom Sublimation Prints

Custom Sublimation Prints

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Customized sublimation prints for your sublimation needs! Create your design for t shirts, bags, drinkware, keychains, coasters and more!

Sublimation prints can only be used on sublimation ready substrates or 60% and higher polyester garments.

Sublimation does not print white.

You MUST have a heat press, mug press, tumbler press to print sublimation prints to substrate

Maximum printing area is standard letter, 8.5x11 inches.

We print exactly what you send.

Send your design in a png 300 dpi and measurements to

Create your own design and bring it to life with sublimation prints!

Customized sublimation prints for apparel, drinkware, accessories and more!

Remember sublimation does not print white!!

Looking for a certain design? Message us and see if we can help!

Send us your design (300 DPI PNG) and measurements, or for any questions, contact

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